Jessa’s songs and rounds – get in touch if you would like to use these.

Jessa has created a range of rounds and songs, finding creativity to be a therapy through these difficult times. From uplifting to silly, wistful to soothing, the songs are wide-ranging in their style and flexible in their use. These songs would be suitable for use with choirs and singing groups, the rounds being particularly good as warm-up/cool-down tools in online or real life sessions.

Anyone wishing to use Jessa’s songs or rounds, please get in touch with Jessa by email ( making sure you mention which song(s) you are interested in and what resources you would like. Tracks and sheet music are available on request for a small fee and packages/deals can be arranged.

Free my soul” An empowering song inspired by Jessa’s choir singers, who were asked what singing together meant to them. This song was created using their words. The video below is of Jessa singing the song with the “Vivid Voices” choir based in Australia.

“Free my soul” – sheet music and tracks available on request.

Keep on going” – a motivational partner song, written whilst walking up a hill, but the concept could be applied to any life challenge!

Keep on moving….keep on striving… sheet music and tracks available on request.

Motion is lotion” – a warm-up round inspired by my vocal health first aider training. Lose some tension and find vocal freedom!

One thing you can do” An uplifting round to bring a smile!

Those who wish to sing, will always find a song” A round based on a Swedish proverb.

Trio of Seasongs” – three gentle, sea-themed folk songs, blended together by Jessa.

We sing” – a celebration of why we sing, with words and music by Jessa.

Breathe with the waves” – a sea-inspired round, words and music by Jessa. Sea courtesy of the Norfolk Coast, UK.

Zoom” – a light-hearted ditty about singing online! Words and music by Jessa.