WELCOME to Easingwold Community Singers

Thank you for signing up to ECS ; we’re so pleased to have you on board this fun, friendly, inclusive community choir.

You will find everything you need to know on our private members’ website page – dates and times, details for events, song resources. All you need to do is go to my website jessaliversidge.com and choose the ECS tab from the menu. You will be taken to an ‘enter password’ page – the password for this year’s page is


(Please note the capital W and all other letters lower case)

Our choir’s terms and conditions/ethos are straightforward –



Easingwold Community Singers prides itself on its inclusivity, and all singers will be welcomed where it is safe for them to take part. Singers are asked to let Jessa know of any conditions that could cause a risk to themselves or others in rehearsals/performances, and all singers are asked to provide a next of kin contact in case of illness during a choir event. Although great care is taken to ensure every singer’s safety at sessions and events, singers attend at their own risk. (Do use the form at the bottom of the T&Cs to let me know any necessary information.)


Easingwold Community Singers operated via a monthly subscription payment via Go Cardless. Membership fees are reviewed annually. The membership includes 35 sessions through the year, as well as regular performance opportunities. There will be no refunds for non-attendance, unless special long-term circumstances are communicated to Jessa in advance. In the case of a session having to be cancelled, eg due to illness or bad weather, the time will be made up on another date. Anyone who wants to leave ECS should just get in touch with Jessa and a subscription can be easily cancelled, given some notice.


Easingwold Community Singers is an inclusive group, open to anyone who enjoys singing. Our main aims are to boost wellbeing and happiness through singing, and to create the best sound we can for ourselves and our audiences. Everyone will be encouraged to take part in the performance opportunities through the year but it is accepted that there are some members who do not wish to perform.

A positive, encouraging atmosphere is key, with everyone being co-operative and respectful towards others. As such, no negative, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or other judgmental comments, whether written or verbal will be tolerated.


Photos and video clips will be taken regularly at rehearsals and performances to celebrate and advertise the choir. These will often be shared online, as this is a vital part of maintaining a choir’s profile. If anyone has a legal/personal reason for not being able to have their image shared, please let me know in strictest confidence. Please note that at pubic performances, it is not possible to guarantee that you will not be photographed.


ECS uses a mixture of lyric sheets and sheet music, depending on the song. For each arrangement purchased a copy is bought for each singer to comply with copyright law and ensure the writer/arranger is properly renumerated. Music/lyric sheets/tracks given out/downloaded from the choir website page are for your own use only and should never be shared with other choirs/groups.


Contact details will be stored securely on password protected devices/accounts, and will not be shared with third parties. They will only be used to communicate about ECS and other singing related events/opportunities.

Please fill in the membership details form here –


If you struggle with this, just send me your answers by  email

Name.         Email address.  Postal address.      Mobile number.   Next of kin name and number

Any relevant medical conditions and any adaptations needed to help you take part in ECS

If you have any queries, do contact me on jessaliversidge@googlemail.com,

Here’s to a fantastic year for Easingwold Community Singers!